Baby Products
Under the umbrella of our brand gezenbebe.com; we improve your life quality with your baby by providing 100% customer satisfaction with the most quality brands of the world and after-sale service.
Health Products
Under the umbrella of saglikligoz.com; we maximize your life quality with your baby thanks to our products which are directed by clinical results, recommended by our eye doctors and allow you to have eyes only for yourself and your baby.

We are aware of the fact that we should progress continuously in order to achieve success in the sectors we are serving.
Even if our current point satisfies us and you, our dear valued customers, we will continue to find different and
practical solutions in order to achieve always the better.

B2B , Specialized Retail & Webshops

Our range of customers consists of more than 350 selected retailers, and the most successful premium chain stores of our market are amongst our key accounts. These qualified, specialised stationary retail stores are complemented by 15-20 carefully-selected, specialised web shops and some of the most exclusive catalogue retailers.

Professional Logistics

Our warehouse is located on the premises of a professional logistics partner near Orhanli. Our highly-efficient processes ensure shipping within a maximum of 24 hours after the placement of an order.

Brand Development

We are highly skilled in multi-lingual market development and are specialized in social media marketing. We develop the content ourselves, especially the video material.

Promotional Representation

Taking into account the retailer’s available space as well as the producer’s philosophy, we put emphasis on branding and promotional representation of our products at the point of sale. In coordination with our product partners, we issue marketing and training documents.

Expertise & Service

We work closely together with our customers and supervise on an individual basis: at at regular intervals our retailers are visited by a personal counsellor in order to provide trainings, point of sale adjustments at regular intervals, and to ensure information exchange.

Public Relations

In collaboration with specialized partners, we are responsible for multilingual pr activities and work with a qualified press distributor for baby and children’s products. On top of that, we regularly cooperate with approx. In order to promote our brands and to support our retail partners, we exhibit our products at trade fairs throughout the country.

Social Media & PR

Especially in the area of baby and children products there is a very active social media community. Be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube: We are highly engaged with our audience and by producing videos, skillfully managing social media channels as well as handling user generated content and thus introduce our products in a up-to-date way. Additionally, we are managing a network of more than 200 bloggers and influencers.